Saturday, 20 August 2011

W is for Wibble

Weston Subuteo: attractive village–home of the Hilton family (Ts)

The Whipper–in: ( W ) Verbena Sprowte

Wibble: picturesque village a short drive from Vaysey Pastures in the lea of Benny Hill. Shops on the village Green include Bits & Bobs and Mrs William’s off-licence. It is popular with liveries of Vaysey Pastures and residents include Dolly Grubb, Rose Bush, Penny Black and Crispyn and Hyacinthe Crabbe-Legge plus local dressage writer Bathsheeba Wilkins.(L-fL, BF, J, DW)

Bathsheeba Wilkins (Miss): Reliable dressage writer – usually for Miss Iris Drone. Resident of the hamlet of Wibble, Vale of Vaysey. Interests: dressage and rural bus schedules ( DW, DJ)

Wilton (Miss): unmarried sister living with Rita Palgrave. Fading catalogue model. (PO)

Winnie or Wincarnis: chestnut, mare owned and ridden side-saddle by Betty Crumblewick. In livery at Vaysey Pastures (Sk)

Kevin Winkle: Enthusiastic, mature livery at Vaysey Pastures. Owner of Flash. Accountant with Amalgamated Widgets (LS)

Wino: piebald pony of Corrie Anne Plebbe in livery at Vaysey Pastures (C)

Frank Wylde-Best: Wealthy, South African born, CEO and owner of Sherbert Giraffe Lapdanceaterias plc. Husband of Petronella. Owner of Wylde Towers, Lower Fumble, Vale of Vaysey. Respected dressage supporter and sponsor. ( DS)

Petronella Wylde-Best (Mrs.): Wealthy South African born, wife of Frank. Resident at Wylde Towers. Executive director and shareholder in Sherbert Giraffe Lapdanceaterias plc. Well known dressage supporter and sponsor. (DS

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