Saturday, 20 August 2011

V is for Vale of Vaysey

Vale of Vaysey Cottage Hospital: employer of administrators Rose Bush and Penny Black (BF)

Vale of Vaysey Building Society: employer of Bruce Penge, who manages its Snood Parva branch (AP, BF)

Vale of Vaysey Electricity Board: employer of HR managers Mervin and Maureen Belcher (DF)

Vale of Vaysey Gas Board: employer of Verbena Sprowte as Senior Wayleaves Officer (W-i)

Vale of Vaysey Riding Club: riding club local to Vaysey Pastures chaired by Samuel Patterson-Fforde, ably assisted by his deputy and wife Sabrina (CC, BF)

Vale of Vaysey Water Board: employer of Wilf Palgrave, late husband of Rita Palgrave (PO)

Vaysey Lodge: home of vet Fred Marpleston on the outskirts of Maisie Vaysey (EV)

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