Saturday, 20 August 2011

S is for Shipston Vaysey

Sally: black labrador, pet of Mervin and Maureen Belcher, named after Anky's Salinero (DF).

Sannie or Sanatagen: chestnut mare, owned and ridden side-saddle by Joan Crumblewick. In livery at Vaysey Pastures (Sk)

The Senior Girl : ( SG ) Enid Possett

Sherbert Giraffe Lapdanceaterias plc: highly profitable national chain of gentlemens’ clubs owned and managed by Frank and Petronella Wylde-Best. Involved in major dressage sponsorship (DS).

Shipston Vaysey: largest village in the leafy Vale of Vaysey and sister of nearby Daisy Vaysey and Maisie Vaysey. Location of many shops including the outfitters of Ken Braylee. Its offices include those of the Vale of Vaysey, Gas, Electricity and Water Boards plus several turf accountants and a Chinese takeaway (DF)

The Shopkeepers: (Sk ) Joan and Betty Crumblewick

The Show Announcers: ( SA ) Norman and Lillian Haddock

Melvin Simpkins: longstanding platonic friend of Verbena Sprowte (W-i)

Snood Parva: village location of the branch of the Vale of Vaysey Building Society managed by Bruce Penge (AP, BF)

Snowdrop: highland pony mare of Dolly Grubb in livery at Vaysey Pastures (L-fL)

Chutneigh Sprowte: bachelor twin of Verbena Sprowte. Lives with sister in Daisy Vaysey. Piano teacher (W-i)

Verbena Sprowte (Miss): spinster, twin of Chutneigh Sprowte. Resides next to general stores in Daisy Vaysey. Senior Wayleaves Officer at Vale of Vaysey Gas Board. Owns hunter Trixie in livery at Vaysey Pastures. Whipper-in with Vale of Vaysey Hunt. Alleged in Sunday press to host S & M gatherings in the cellar of her cottage. Friend of Melvin Simpkins (W-i)

St. Mildred's Girls School: grammar school employing Betty Penge as School Secretary (AP)

The Stalwart: ( S ) Patsy Pottle

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