Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Riding Club

For some liveries whether Pony Clubbers or the more - shall we say - "mature" ladies, the whole point of owning a horse is to compete. Some riders live for the adrenalin rush they obtain from competition whether the lowliest walk and trot dressage test or the jump-off of a fiercely contested BSJA competition.

As a competitor, a lot of your time will be spent waiting to compete, waiting for results and generally hanging around drinking tea, eating burgers and gossiping at your local riding club. Arguably the tea, burgers and gossip are the best bit.

Like the yard itself, the riding club is a microcosm - a world all of its own. It's inhabitatants are working on a volunary basis "for love of horses and the equine community" as Sam Patterson-Fforde said in his speech of thanks when last re-elected Chairman of the Riding club committee. They express themselves in various only too human ways and display a wide range of very human traits - including ambition, dedication, lust for power or desire for the spotlight and centre stage.

Here are some stories from the riding club nearest to Vaysey Pastures...

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