Saturday, 20 August 2011

R is for Rupert

The Red Lion: village pub in Nibble, nearest to Vaysey Pastures patronised by liveries and staff and location of the Yard's annual Christmas lunch (L&S, S, SG, L-fL, T)

Reggie: Venerable pony of Warwick Hilton (Ts)

Dr. Richard Rogers (Deceased): Child psychiatrist whose car may have been sabotaged by the Hilton twins with fatal consequences. (Ts)

Ronnie: Elderly pony of Milton Hilton (Ts)

Rupert: Pet chihuahua of Patsy Pottle, found at Vaysey Pastures wounded with airgun pellets in mysterious circumstances. Also allegedly stamped on by Norris, Rita Pargeter's pony (Ts,
PO, L&S )

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