Saturday, 20 August 2011

M is for Miggins

Maisie Vaysey: sister village of Shipston Vaysey and Daisy Vaysey. Home of vet Fred Marpleston at Vaysey Lodge (EV)

Margot: dressage mare of Rose Bush in livery at Vaysey Pastures (BF)

Joan Marpleston (Mrs.): wife of Fred Marpleston and Countess of Vaysey. Resides at Vaysey Lodge (EV)

Fred Marpleston: very competent elderly vet treating horses at Vaysey Pastures. Highly qualified and decorated war hero.Full name Frederick St. John Makepiece de Vere-Marpleston, seventh Earl of Vaysey. Married to Joan and father of three sons. Resides at Vaysey Lodge near Maisie Vaysey. Privately, keen part-time amateur transvestite (EV)

Hamish Mc Bride: Imperious and mercurial proprietor of Elyssian Equestrian (DE)

Kirk McGurk: Popular farrier at Vaysey Pastures. Appeared in the Farrier’s Charity Calendar. Some part-time modelling. Hopes to retire to run bar in Sitges with partner, Roy. Resides at High Street, Broadhint ( FF, L&S)

Roy de la Mare: Owner of antique shop in High Street, Broadhint. Discreetly, the partner of popular farrier, Kirk McGurk (FF)

Dorinda Miggins (Miss): Young livery at Vaysey Pastures. Head of younger set. Daughter of Ken and Minty Miggins and centre of their universe. Off to uni shortly (DLP, FF, Sk)

Ken Miggins : Father of Dorinda and husband of Minty. Lots of money from consultancy. Lives for Dorinda (DLP)

Mimosa Princess: show pony disposed-of by Magenta Hayes (UA)

Minty Miggins (Mrs) : Wife of Ken and overly devoted mother of Dorinda (DLP)

Moonflower: mare of Che and Tyger Lily Podmore in livery at Vaysey Pastures (NAL)

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