Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Liveries: the Old Guard

A fitting place to start our Tales from Vaysey Pastures would appear to be my longest standing liveries - the Old Guard.

These old hands are an exclusively female group of what might be politely described as of  "a certain age" or "mature years."

All have been with me since my first year at Vaysey Pastures. Each lady considers that this longevity entitles her, if not to downright favouritism then to "special consideration" and that is what each gets.

Although my older stagers are a varied bunch - some single some married, living alone or with a spouse or sibling, they have much in common. The life of each is dominated by the yard and its complex politics, the lives of their fellow liveries and the well being of their beloved horses. As in any enclosed community, issues and emotions are prone to instant magnification and exaggeration which on calm reflection in the cold light of day might be less pressing.

Amongst my formidable Old Guard we have all sorts: the dedicated livery, the competitive, the gossipy and judgmental and the mysterious and surprising. I hope you find them an interesting group.

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