Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Liveries: the Newcomers

Over the years I have seen many arrivals and departures from Vaysey Pastures.

In many ways busy livery yards resemble large hotels. We have the long term residents, whose lives revolve around the place and who, like lifers in Strangeways, become somewhat institutionalised.

There is also a passing population whose very transience and anonymity sometimes fosters behaviour of which they might not be proud in the cool clear light of day.

I suppose its is the combination of the two disparate elements that creates the rich and colourful mix that is life at Vaysey Pastures.

Please don’t assume that Bunty Pargeter from Vaysey Pastures confuses herself with Greta Garbo from “Grand Hotel” - well not very much anyway. I like to think I’m more “grounded” than that – a term I heard one of the younger mothers say last week. I’m still plain old “Bunty from the stable block” as I gather someone called "J Lo" might say. I wonder if that makes me "B Pa"?

Anyway, enough street talk (I’ve been watching Sky 1 on the television) and back to our stories. A multitude of people have undergone a myriad of experiences as newcomers or old hands. Here are their stories of some of our more recent liveries.

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