Saturday, 20 August 2011

D is for Dibble

Daddy’s Little Princess: ( DLP ) Dorinda Miggins

Daisy: vociferous Jack Russell of vet, Fred Marpleston – sister of Gert (EV)

Daisy Vaysey: sister village of Shipston Vaysey and Maisie Vaysey. The location of Bert Postlethwaite’s flat and lately famous (or possibly notorious) for the cottage of Verbena Sprowte – next to the general stores. (W-i)

D'Arcy: dressage mare of Penny Black in livery at Vaysey Pastures (BF)

Dibble: unspoilt village in the Vale of Vaysey adjacent to its triplets, Wibble and Nibble to the north of Benny Hill. The snug of it’s pub, the Trugg & Gussett is a popular meeting-place for liveries and staff from Vaysey Pastures nearby.(LS)

Doncaster Spinner (Donna): Equally success-starved mare of Patsy Pottle. Stable adjoins that of Verbena Sprowte's hunter, Trixie (TS, W-i)

Donner Cottage: home of Mervin and Maureen Belcher, just outside Pammy-under-Snood (DF)

Donnerkaren: Hanoverian dressage mare of Christopher Brookes-Smythe (DE)

Donnerkebab: Dressage mare of Tiffany Lampwick – allegedly kicked by Norris (PH,

Donnersummer: Hanoverian dressage mare of Julian Cholmondeley (DE).

Dressage : see "Bunty Pargeter's A to Z : A Beginner's Guide to Dressage" in the Appendix

The Dressage Diva: ( DD ) Pandora La Gueriniere, Comtesse de Baucher

The Dressage Enthusiasts: (DE) Julian Cholmondeley and Christopher Brookes-Smythe

The Dressage Fans: ( DF ) Mervin and Maureen Belcher

The Dressage Judge: ( DJ ) Iris Drone

The Dressage Sponsors: ( DS ) Frank and Petronella Wylde-Best.

The Dressage Writer: (DW) Bathsheeba Wilkins

Iris Drone (Miss): The doyenne of local dressage judges. Lives with spinster sister Joan at White Boards next to the church in Lower Steam, Vale of Vaysey (DJ, DW)

Joan Drone (Miss): unmarried sister living with Iris Drone (DJ)

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