Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Connections

Keeping a horse doesn’t just involve stabling, feeding and exercising it. Every six or seven weeks it must be shod and, depending on circumstances, periodic veterinary attention is required.

Even the most robust and healthy horse will require at least an annual visit for ‘flu and tetanus inoculations.

On top of this, it is prudent to have teeth checked periodically – once or twice a ear and backs and saddles should also be kept under review.

In dealing with these issues, the horse owner spends a lot of money. The livery also builds up quite a support network and through regular contact may come to know some of these connections quite well.

On a large yard like Vaysey Pastures particular vets and farriers may serve quite a few liveries and are seen about the place virtually every day. Here are the profiles of two of the most popular visitors to the yard…

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