Saturday, 20 August 2011

Appendix: Bunty Pargeter's A to Z ~ A Rhyming Beginner's Guide to Dressage

Bunty Pargeter's A to Z: A Rhyming Beginner's Guide to Dressage

A is for Anky, the queen of the kur,
B is for Bonfire who won gold with her.
C is for Charlotte and Carl, queen and king.
D is for Dressage, its divas and bling.
E is for Emma who did well in Beijing.*
F is for funding from Lotto – kerching!!
G is for Gigolo: Isabel Worth.
H is for half–pass, tighten your girth.
I is for Imke and all of the Dutch.
J is for judges and writers and such.
K is for Kyra our favourite Finn.
L is for London - it’s lovely to win.
M is for music, played in the kur.
N is for Normandy, quite wet this year.
O is for orange: how loud the Dutch get.
P is for piaffe, passage, pirouette.
Q is for qualify according to plan.
R is for renvers and descente de main.
S - Salinero: winning twice straight.
T is for trotting, a quieter gait.
U is for Ulla whose medals abound.
V for Valegro, the best horse around.
W is winning - a habit sublime.
X is for Xmas - Olympia time.
Y our young riders, to come to the fore.
Z is for zero, an embarrassing score
(quite rare in dressage, but within the l

*As to the asterisk, I know that the dressage took place in Hong Kong – but it was still the Beijing Olympics to most people - and "Beijing" rhymes with "bling" - so it was meant to be!  "Honkers" only seemed to rhyme with "bonkers" and "conkers,” which had limited appeal.


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